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About Brooke Doyle | Prop Stylist | Chicago | Citizen Vintage in Montreal

About Brooke

One lazy, sun-drenched day in LA, while photographing vintage clothes in a stunning art deco apartment building for her now entirely defunct Ebay store, a particularly savvy friend told Brooke she should be a prop stylist. Brooke didn’t believe her. Brooke was a very stubborn young lady.


Fast forward one million years - after working in art galleries in Los Angeles, traveling in Asia for a year and a half, opening her own brick-and-mortar store in Montreal (Citizen Vintage, voted best Vintage Clothing Store in Montreal), working as Head of Visual Merchandising, Modern Cooperative, and then as Stylist Assistant in the Crate & Barrel photo studio- Brooke realized she'd been composing and photographing balanced, dynamic environments all along the way. 

As principal drink + prop stylist, Brooke's recent client list includes:


Aged & Infused

Basil Hayden’s

Canadian Club

Clif Bar

Cresco Labs (Wonder Wellness)

Cruzan Rum

Effen Vodka

El Mayor



Jim Beam

Jimmy Dean

Knob Creek

Kraft Heinz

Larceny Bourbon


Maker’s Mark

Maple Hill Creamery



Old Forester





Recent photographers Brooke has had the pleasure of working with:

Chris Bain

Kate Cauffiel

Sasha Gitin

Rob Lawson

Jason Little

Jennifer Marx

David Raine

Sandy Rosencrans

Dave Slivinski

Brian Sorg

Paul Strabbing

Martin Wonnacott

Brian Wright

Morgan Ione Yeager

Brooke is a compulsive visual organizer and, thanks to her '90s thrift store kid days, is pretty awesome at sourcing decor, accents and furnishings in unexpected places. 

BUT, in the spirit of full disclosure:


Things Brooke Is Really Bad At:

Waiting Tables

Waiting in Line

Waitin for The Man

Making Lattes

Sales Meetings


Sitting for 10 hours

Fluorescent Lighting

Contact Sports

Brooke can't catch a football but is currently available for prop sourcing and styling.  Contact for day rate.  Collaborations welcome!

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